Necromunda: Underhive Wars

it is a new release, so there are some bugs, like I lost my first gang to a corrupted file issue, and they were doing so well. If you ever played their previous game, Mordhiem: City of the Damned, it is better than that. It isn’t a true copy of the original board game, but I honestly think it is better than the original but then I haven’t played tabletop Necromunda since the 90’s so it has been awhile. I am really enjoying the game, so if you like turn based team management type games, then I think you will like this one.

Much as I loved tt Necromunda, I’m holding off on this one for a while. Bugs, corrupted saves and no Van Saar, I can wait…:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep an eye on the forums and hope for the best. Last few days I’ve been hooked on Gladiator Guild Manager demo…can’t wait for full version. If anyone tries it…get a few orcs, they might be a bit OP…

Is this like an “X-COM” style of game? team/squads, equipment load outs, “missions” are matches? Also, is this like “Battletech” (hairebrained schemes/paradox) where you have a Drop Ship / home base that you repair/build?


Sort of like XCOM style, nothing to build from a base standpoint, you do choose territories that give you different bonuses. Your active gang is 3 to 5, but you can have up to 15 in your gang. You will get injuries and death occasionally. You have your loadouts. Here is a picture of one of my gangs…

Thanks for the info. Wish I knew anything of the 40K universe. I’ll catch someone’s youtube vids from time to time ie: “10 worse professions in WH 40K” or other topics. I’ll have to check out some “lets plays” or “game play” videos. If it’s a mix of x-com and or battletech, units / load outs / wins losses loots / build up the squad-team-clan and tacticial I would definitly dig it. Hopefully there’s dismemberment / gore for those over the top gory deaths. lol

I don’t think I have seen any dismemberment, however you can replace limbs with bionics if they get too injured. :slight_smile: