Necromancer Builds

I know there must be a few people excited about trying a Necromancer build in Elswhyr…
So I was wondering what kind of builds people are envisioning and what race they plan to be?

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Alcast has some builds up. Necro will be fun as so many of its skills has both stam and magicka morphs so there are a lot of options. I will do both a magicka necro and stam based. Both will be dps.

I may try a tank down the road too, just not sure yet.

My magicka based will be a high elf for sure. Stam - probably Imperial or Khajit. Depends if I want to get into any RP with him.

I am building a necro tank following Alcast’s model. You can see the build at:

So far it is lots of fun!

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Thanks for the link!
I started out my necro as a sword and board tank also, knowing nothing.

Well, I decided on a “Stam Dps build with Bows”. I don’t like following build guides (especially this early when a new class is introduced) because then you end up with a game with a 1000+ people running around with that same build. Also, since it’s so early on this new class, some people race to just get a build made without really giving it a good testing in all scenarios. Plus, let’s just say that I like to be a bit UNIQUE with my build.

My necro thus far is what i’m referring to as a TOXIC build… He’s all about DOT/AOE damage - using all the nasty green stuff (disease, pestilence, poison, etc…). So far, I’m liking the build, and might get around to doing a showcase video of his build once i get a couple more things on him tweaked to my liking.

Right now however, I’ve been making QUESTS videos of every quest in Elsweyr using this character, and changing things on him daily as he gains levels, skills, and gear.

Wow, sounds like fun. I am thinking about this build

My aim is to create a durable magika DPS/ part healer hybrid for questing with my son as we do the game’s content. Looking at Alcast, they had a end game pure DPS spec that did not really suit what I wanted to do.

First big decision- double Resto staves. 4 of the 5 passives work even if you are not using resto staff abilities. I intend to use none. All of the destruction abilities seemed to impact destruction abilities mostly, except for buffed heavy attacks and single target damage. Seems like most of the stuff I want to do is AOE centered, and being able to weave heavies as needed for heals might help some. The only spell from Destruction the guide was using anyway was Wall of Elements, which seems to be a magicka pig, and you need a lot of passives to buff it.

Stalking Blastbones, Exploding Mage, Beneficient Armor, and Intensive Mender all leave corpses. Unnerving Boneyard exploits those for more damage. Mystic Siphon and Braided Tether also drain corpses for their effect, the former restoring magicka and doing damage, and the latter doing a HoT. So I figure this build would generate a lot of corpses and use those. When stuff dies, Reusuable parts will give me a free mage, blastbone, or spirit mender. So that works across both heals and DPS.

Death Knell ups crit in the last 25% of life by 10% for each gravelord ability slotted, so I wanted to have the front bar loaded with them. This config gives me 4, for 40%. The tyrant tree gives death gleaning which means Magicka and Stamina restore when trash dies, thus I need something on that first bar to get the return from Bone Tyrant. Disdain Harm and Health avarice also are a good reason to have a Bone Tyrant ability on bar 1. So what to put? The ultimate basically turns me into super tank for 20s, which would be handy when I pull agro and it will just not go away. Also inner light works on both bars, so I keep that.

The back bar is the ‘heal bar’. There I have personal armor, the two corpse drains, the mender. There is room for another ultimate, and I thought OK put the Grave Lord one there. I can flip to that bar for turn in and have a nice even mix of XP gain.

So would this work, and if not how would you tweak it?

I have a standard sword and board Bone Tyrant with the class skills and the sword and shield skills, but with Hungry Scythe for a bit of damage output, and Bitter Harvest for a bit of healing, as I play mostly solo.
Also am testing out a Necro that I want to have all the summonable undead on, so requires a blend of Grave Lord (Mostly this one) and Living Death (Nice to have a heal or two when soloing). This toon has been the more interesting of the two to play so far.
P.S. Using Ice Staff on the DPS/Resto Necro.

That Hungry Scythe puts you in melee range. How does that work with Necro?

Kajit Stamnecro 2H

Totally undecided on late game but kajit can be taken any way I decide. Mostly spamming 2H attacks with scythe for sustain and golem ulti for oh crap spots.

I am currently leaning towards the Xynode Gaming Harvester Stamina build, of course she is only a level 15 baby but we shall see :slight_smile: