National Video Games Day – September 12, 2019

Do you know there is a National Video Game Day (July 8) and a National Video Games Day (September 12)?

National Video Games Day, observed annually on Sept. 12, is a 24-hour smorgasbord of video game delights. (Don’t be confused by National Video Game Day, which is celebrated on July 8 each year.) Either way, video game players across the United States look forward to National Video Games Day with pride and enthusiasm.

From their earliest days, video games have transformed into something more than just a 2D interactive experience. So, get comfortable in your favorite gaming chair (preferably one with a vibrating massage feature,) grab a couple of controllers and sidle up to your favorite gaming console. It’s National Video Games Day all day long!

National Video Games Day - Survey Results

(Survey of 1,000 Americans)

What’s the best gaming console?
#1: Playstation (38%)
#2: Xbox (38%)
#3: Nintendo (21%)

What’s the best video game franchise?
#1: Super Mario (47%)
#2: Call of Duty (21%)
#3: Donkey Kong (19%)
#4: Grand Theft Auto (19%)
#5: Pokemon (16%)
#6: Zelda (13%)
#7: Sonic the Hedgehog (13%)
#8: Final Fantasy (9%)
#9: Halo (9%)
#10: Crash Bandicoot (7%)

How often do you play video games?
#1: Everyday (31%)
#2: Rarely (31%)
#3: 2-3x a week (23%)

When do mobile gamers like to play games on their phones?
#1: Whenever I’m bored (66%)
#2: When I’m watching TV (41%)
#3: Before I go to sleep (39%)
#4: When I’m on the toilet (34%)
#5: During my breaks at work (21%)
#6: Whenever I’m eating (20%)
#7: Before I leave for work (12%)
#8: On my commute to work (8%)

#4: PC (200%)


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September 12th is also International Migraine Day :stuck_out_tongue: Fitting. lol