I been screwing around on NA PVE trying to learn the game, never played ark, Do we have a company on either server? I was going to move to NA PVP at some point but was unaware we had anyone playing until someone in discord mentioned seeing OTG around. I think Killa is messing around it in some as he was the one who peeked my interest.

There’s one major issue with the NA PVP (And the EU PVP) servers.

There’s a large influence of Chinese companies, and since you’ve never played ARK, that basically means they’ll just have 200 people trying to destroy everything they see for fun, and take over most of the map.

It won’t be the type of PvP you’re used to.

So if that’s something you don’t want to deal with, you’re better off sticking with PvE.

We have a good sized company on the NA PvE server. Lots of active people and well over 60 ships at this point. Hop on our Discord channel and we can get you setup with us.

As Splutty mentioned, the PvP servers are a gankfest of Chinese warmongerin cheaters at this point. :wink: They’re like locusts over there so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Yeah I been hearing that about the Chinese. I will have to pop into discord I assume the otg official discord? As to the pvp side of things I play darkfall and have played older pvp mmos so a hard pvp life is nothing new to me. But since this game has a pve server I thought it might be better to learn the game first.

Yes, we’re in Game Development on the official OTG Discord.

The problem with PvP currently in Atlas that it’s more about ways to grief people than it is about an actual fight. They’re sinking ships while you’re offline, breaking into your buildings again, while you’re offline, etc.

I’m all for a good straight up fight, flinging cannon balls at each other, boarding fights, etc but that’s not the metagame they’re playing. ;( They’re trying to take over the entire available landmass and their main approach is to sneak in when people aren’t around and destroy as much as possible.

It doesn’t help that the timezones where people are normally active are diametrically opposed.

I’ll try to hook up with you all tonight in discord if not then probably not until sat or Sunday. Have to switch swap out my wife’s pc and get my main computer back up and running. Saturday.

Joined the OTG Official Discord but loks liek I need permissions to see things, I only see welcome/public/BDO/Ever/STWOR


Here’s the Atlas post with guild information, beginners guide link, etc…

I’m in PvP with a small group of 10 who’re active. We’ve been thrown off twice now. Once by the Federation who turned on us. They offered us a place and then for whatever reasons; whether it was one of a former member who mouthed off or other. The battle took 6 hours before we lost the base. I wasn’t online. The reason we lost was lack of manpower. The fortifications were solid.

Now our new base (lawless island) was raided while everyone was offline. Everything was taken. It’s frustrating. I’d rather have a honourable fight than have thieves come in the night and destroy everything. I feel like giving up. The others seem intent on continuing and I don’t want to abandon them as they’re a good group.

If any of you are in Kraken, swim by and give BOFA a shout. :smiley:

And that’s the problem with Ark and Atlas, and pretty much all online ‘survival’ games. A fair fight is never going to happen. Ever. You will always lose all your stuff to what’s basically offline raiding.

The only way to have somewhat of a chance is to have enough people that you can cover 24/7, and even then you’ll probably get plowed under by some Chinese alpha guild.

It’s pretty much the reason why I don’t play on official Wildcard servers. On PvP you just get wiped out, and on PvE you get constantly griefed with no recourse.

Yep, as Splutty said, the ARK developer’s idea of PvP is whacked in the head. :wink: As long as your assets are so vulnerable, it’s really Player vs Walls when you’re not around. We got wiped out in Dark and Light PvP in a matter of minutes due to this poor design.

The game is a lot of fun, the PvP side of it is definitely NOT. If you don’t have people there 24/7 to defend (which is comprised mostly of replacing damaged walls) then you’re going to lose it to bigger groups, most likely living in a different time zone.

We’re still going strong on the PvE server, so if you all get burned out from PvP wipeouts, feel free to come join us on some Whale and SOD hunts! We have plenty of land under our control so that’s a non-issue.

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Guess what. We were raided three times on that day. The first group just blow a hole in the wall and took resources. They touched nothing else. The second group, which we incidentally found could be linked to the first, came in broad daylight. We fought back.

The third group were cowards, cravens. They’re the bad bunch because they’re known to change their company name when things get hot for them. There was one other and I. We were loading a fresh made brig with supplies to a new secure place offered by an ally. This ally is sincere and generous. We know since we have several interactions with them. When we asked for 100 big cannonballs because we ran out of ammo during engagements with ghost ships, they gave willingly. They didn’t ask for anything in exchange. We were embarrassed having to take without returning something so we gave them over 30k paste as thanks on the next trip. They gave us a war bear and a chestload of masterwork and legendary blueprints. Shucks, no way we’re not to keep our friendship!

Anyway, we saw group #3 sneaking around but there were only two of us and we were more concerned with making sure we grabbed everything we had. They waited till we sailed and then proceeded to wreck everything up, killing all the pets too. We managed to save two pets; a bear and elephant that we brought with us. The war bear was given to us later on later trips to the ally island.

A former group member contacted us to suggest a merge. His own company too was having difficulties. Small in numbers. The difference is they have claim to an island. After much discussion, we decided to merge.

Some things also came to light during the discussion on the merge among ourselves. Our former leaders were anything but. They were bad leaders, they were always absent, doing things no one knew. They never tried to give the rest of us objectives, to lead. It was Captain who was suggesting ideas for bases and defenses. The so called leaders come and go as they pleased. It turned out they were off raiding by themselves which was what they wanted all along. They were not interested in cooperative efforts. When our old company acquired a bad reputation due to their actions, they dumped us. Along with all the bad stuff they so “helpfully” acquired for us.

There was also another member who was also doing things by himself; raiding and talking, more like threatening so we ended with more black. They’re no longer with us. Our new comrades are more solid. I’m presently working with their builder to set up more defenses and there’re at least a 24 hours presence with this group.

I’m reluctant to leave yet since the core group (old company) I’m with are solid. We’re more interested in working together, building, treasure hunting, etc than rucking things up for other people.


:smiley: I’m going to call it. 348 hours total play time. It’s getting too stressful. :sunglasses:

It sounds like you had a good PvP run Hellsbane, you should be proud. Maybe dust off the game once they release the big content patch later this month to see if they fix some of the quirks you guys ran into. Or at least jump back in and craft the super cute thatch skirt. :wink:

Didn’t touch the game this weekend. So restful. :smiley: I don’t think I’ll be returning to it.

Sorry to hear it. I am totally addicted! Maybe some relaxing PvE would be a nice change?

It would. :smiley: I’ll take a longer break and maybe get to it in March.

AC Odyssey NG+ is dropping this month so I’ll be occupied with that.