Mythic Quest TV Show, the "Silicon Valley" about MMO game developers

I did some digging. The Apple+ service is free for 1 week, or you can get for a year if you buy an Apple device, or there is a student plan. It is $5/month thereafter. You can run the Apple+ app on any Apple device, or Samsung Smart Hub, or LG, or Roku, or FireTV.

The way my wife and I treat these kind of shows is to wait for the season to end, then either do the free trial or subscribe for a month and binge the whole season. She is going to do this with Homeland on Showtime.

Yes, all the episodes were released at one time, i already binged the whole thing. I liked it and it entertained me. So far some good stuff coming from this Apple+ TV service. They definitely understood the MMO and gaming culture, lots of fun stuff.

I like it when they dump the whole series at once. Maybe a rainy weekend would be a good time for the 1wk trial