Mystery materials appearing in my camp storage

For two days in a row now I’ve logged in to find my Camp Stored tab packed with defensive walls, food crops, and other items. I know it may seem odd to complain about free stuff, but it’s stuff I don’t really need and my nice new 600 limit stash keeps maxing out with junk I didn’t ask for. I now have enough corn to welcome 27 consecutive Mayflowers to Plymouth Rock.

This is getting irritating. Anyone else having a similar issue or know of any fixes for this? Thanks in advance.

Yep. Logged in yesterday to two blueprints(I had none.) of the same thing. Neither was able to be set back down either. But I do know that the blueprint the game picked up and stored was maxed out in Camp Budget. I eventually broke down both blue prints and notice a had WAY to much of everything. I was expecting double but it was way way more. Even worse was my plants, I spent 10 minutes scrapping plants. i think 7 corn some how turned into 100 and something. Good news is a crafted food for like 10 minutes after that and sold it all.

Yeah I’ve been breaking it down and trying to sell it but I only have three faction vendor locations unlocked and I’m going through their 200 cap limit pretty quickly. I couldn’t even sell all the stuff from yesterday and now I have even more junk.

I admit it’s nice to have the extra caps but I’d rather have a non-broken camp storage instead lol. I hope they get this straightened out soon.

Also, to clarify…I’m finding this stuff in the “Stored” tab of my camp, not the blueprint tab. So I don’t know if we are having the same issue or not. Just wanted to mention it.

I’ll take it if you don’t want it. :smiley:

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i got this bug when my camp was no longer available and i was forced to move it. as a result i now have 130 adhesive. had to scrap all the extra turrets corn etc that was in my stored. when i was done my stash was at 620 / 600 so i started making glue. as luck would have it i had lots of purified water stashed away.

Well the plants and such was in the “Stored Tab” but after I broke down the blue prints everything else went over there to, except in way larger quantities that I originally had.

I’ve heard of hoarding =, but dayum that’s some super hoarding! :smirk:

I’ve had that happen. Max’d my CAMP budget. I ended up scrapping everything extra, deleting blueprints and stashing fruits/veg to get it back to zero.

I did sell all the excess to the vendor. I get them to zero then buy plans, sell more, buy plans. Ended up with more CAMP designs that way. (Make lemonade! :heart_eyes:

No idea if I’d be running into something like this or not … I haven’t had a camp up since the patch. It seems every time I put one down, someone comes along and builds in the same spot so mine is gone the next time I log in. I have yet to find another location that looks desirable while also free of said frustration.

Hah, yeah that’s why I did too. I bought a bunch of plans I needed to give the vendors more caps.

It’s very frustrating. I’ve been camping light because of it. Hopefully the next patch will eliminate this problem. I’m definitely going to redesign my whole house when we have the choice to not have to move our camps.

I know that things have disappeared when i’ve had to rebuild my camp before. Initially I thought it was that stuff coming back. Today however both of us had over 60 weight in fruit and veg appear, again!
Could be unpicked recs now head to stash (I think this was intended), a byproduct of them trying to fix an issue, or simply another bug.

Still a better game than Battlespire :wink:

I’m the other end of the spectrum, my camp disappeared and it’s not in my blueprints everything is gone WTF :rage:

Did you check to see if it showed up in the Stored tab instead of Blueprints? I’ve had items show up in both places at times.

It’s definitely bugged, but kind of fun. Now I log in and look to see what has appeared in my storage today.

It seems to only be things that were directly on the ground. Things on a floor never seem to dupe for me. I have had crops, water purifiers and nuclear generators duplicate. Did you know that if you scrap a nuclear generator all you get is one rubber? What a rip off!

I have sent them a ticket twice, and 0 support. They just sent me a how to on camps and never even recognized the fact there was a bug.

There is another as well with pocketed armor and people are able to carry over max weight without being overencumbered. >_< As a result, there are more server crashes.

My current issue with pocketed armor is that it isn’t detecting the extra carry capacity upon login. I have to un-equip my armor, log out, log back in, re-equip armor before it calculates right. I hope they fix that with tomorrow’s patch.

As for the camp issue… I finally got my camp placed again. I did seem to have duplicates of plants, but nothing else.

Heh, so while we are all on an inventory bug-o-rama bitch session, I just discovered another gem today.

So at level 35 I’m finally trying to get a suit of power armor together. And I found out the hard way that you can’t store extra fusion cores in the suit. I tried putting about a dozen or so fusion cores that I’ve collected into the suit and poof…gone.

Fallout 76. Every day is an adventure. :wink:

That was actually one of the items in today’s patch notes:

" Power Armor: It is no longer possible to transfer more than one Fusion Core into a suit of Power Armor."

The notes didn’t say anything about ‘deleting’ extras, though.