My son and I went sniping in Cyrodiil

My son had a little window of time this weekend to game with me in ESO. We decided to spend it killing people in Cyrodiil.

I am using basically this build. He is using something very similar, although he likes having shadowy disguise on the front bar too. The theory works like this- fighters guild gives you a 3% dmg bonus for every fighter’s guild ability on the bar. I have 4 for a 12% bonus. All we use is snipe. No light attacks as most of the time they are out of range of that. Just snipe, snipe. Sometimes against trash we use Silver Shards. Between Channeled Acceleration, Rally, gear, Cammo Hunter and Champion points, we aim to have as big of a physical piercing snipe as possible. If you hit Shadowy Disguise, you get a guaranteed crit too. Back bar has the get-out-of-Dodge skills like Temporal Guard, Elusive Mist, in addition to the heal from Rally and the usual escape of Shadowy Disguise.

The plan is simple- find a perch on the run back line from the enemy to the front, stay buffed, and snipe 2x on the same target, then re-stealth. We communicated timing over Discord.

A perch is a high rock outcropping that gives us a nice 360deg view, typically picked by observing the traffic flow from keep to front, and it usually has me groaning in frustration at the jumping puzzle required to get up there.

Typical sequence from stealth is Channeled Acceleration, Rally, Shadowy Disguise, bar swap, Snipe, Snipe, bar swap, Shadowy Disguise and typically move to some place different.

Oh what fun we had. The best part is when one of those big cheezy builds with a pile of health comes brazenly down the road and takes 4 snipes = dead before he even gets out of stun. It gets even better when they are galloping fast. The first snipe has a time of flight (40yd range), and you typically launch the 2nd snipe before the first lands. As long as the 2nd goes before the target is beyond 40yds, then that dude can be some 100yds away when he dies due to the snipes, and he has no clue where it came from since he was so hell bent on galloping back to the front.

And of course if just one guy comes back to rez the fallen, well, snipex4 makes their life really bad. This seriously disrupts the enemy, a they have to send back multiples to rez, or zerg around spamming stealth revealing stuff while my son and I sit up on a rock laughing at them from stealth, until they give up and go away. So the enemy also has to gather up several people to go back to the front in groups, since we gank them if there are just a few strays.

We got some guy we think was a streamer, and he was so pissed off he came back and blind sided my son and camped his corpse for 20minutes while my son and I laughed our heads off in Discord.

We ran into a Keep which had a wall down. They repaired the walls, and we then shot at them as opportunity presented from within the keep. This tied a lot down to garrison. Sadly even if you kill all the guards you can not cap the keep as you have to have a hole in the wall. I suppose next time we will bring siege to knock a hole in a wall and cap it back from inside.

WE both are AD (yellow) and were up in the Blue/Red end. Red was winning, so we decided to snipe Red and leave Blue alone. Sometimes Blue got it that we were helping them out and let us be, but other times the blood lust was up.

There are a lot of really great cliffs and high places to snipe. Even if they get to you, you can stealth and jump off and ditch them. The worst times we had were moving to new postions and getting revealed by fast moving forces.

If we got zerged, we would split up, and one would take one for the team. Then the other would sneak back and rez the fallen. For some reason most people assume it is just one night blade and move on.

Red had some real bricks in their backfield. You would see some dude with 48K health running around, daring anyone to take him on. We just let him run around pointlessly until he got bored.

Once Red was assaulting Blue, and had siege up on the inner walls. We climbed the stairs and sniped the guys on siege. Red didn’t like that much.

It really is hard running into an occupied keep, particularly if they toss caltrops down. I suppose we need to get better at that.

Oh the defense against this is to dodge roll as soon as you take the first hit. You have to be fast, and it sort of sucks if the first hit stuns you. That is why the duo works so well. If you stick around and pump more snipes beyond 2, they zero in on you, get the defenses up, and typically snare or stun you or lay down a DoT. So double snipe and run works best. People who frequently dodge roll screw up the snipes in general because the big hit from stealth can be dodged. Also if there is a milling zerg, it is hard to stay on the same target. But it works well enough most of the time.