My Short Stories Thread

Hello, Old Timers!

As mentioned in another thread, I’m trying to break out as a fiction author and I need to build an audience, first. A lot of us like fantasy, Sci-Fi, and general fiction, so I’d like to share my own stuff with the hopes of getting more fans, friends, and feedback to improve.

So - Here’s my DeviantArt, where you can find everything I post that’s free to read:

If you want some recommendations:

The Tears of Those Lost - Early work of Star Citizen Fanfiction. 25000 words!

What I Saw At Sunset - My second try at something romantic.

Money Well Spent - Introduction to a Drow City in my D&D Campaign Setting.

The Potion - Dark Fantasy

The War Of The Highlands - Ongoing series - an In-Fiction History.

If you like anything - please feel free to check out more on my DeviantArt gallery and profile or post up and let me know what you think!

2019 Goals:


  • Perfect Manuscript - 1/31
  • Website Content - 1/31-4/30
  • Media Kit - 4/30
  • Query Letters to Literary Agents - 2/1


  • Light Concepting - until 9/1
  • Concepting and Outline - by 10/31
  • Write it - by 11/1 to 11/30


  • 3 paid stories - by 4/30
  • 4 short stories - from May to Sept


  • The War of the Highlands - Complete by Sept

The latest Chapter of The War of The Highlands is out!

In other news: I’m starting research for the 3 paid stories for spring. If anyone has expertise on Scotland, I’d love to hear it!

Been keeping at War of the HIghlands - the latest chapter is up!

It’s finished! War of the Highlands weighs in at a total of nearly 14,000 words!