My opinion of raid boss Painsmith Raznal

Well Prissi’s ‘Misfits of Mayhem’ managed to down Painsmith Raznal last night. But let me tell you what my personal opinion is of this fight…which, by the way, I managed to watch at my leisure since I was flat on the tile ground watching the ‘dance.’

What a busy fight. Its like dancing the waltz while trying to avoid all the swords popping up out of the floor, and at the same time trying to find the opening in the line of razors, not to mention trying to kill a ball to open a way past that mower. Oh, and don’t forget sometimes you get encircled with chains doing constant ticking damage, even with self heals and lock rocks, you sometimes don’t survive the experience (I’ve managed to survive only once but then died because the line of balls got me).

I am not the only one who despises this boss fight, considering the comments during this run. So I don’t feel so bad, just wish I could have done better or lasted longer in order to actually contribute to the action.

are you doing Heroic? or just Normal? Heroic you add bombs that have to be placed just right and that can wipe the entire group if not done correctly. I think the fight is pretty good overall

Hi Wont, no just normal. Most of us are not really that well geared yet, but we’ve done remarkedly well considering that we fit the name “Misfits of Mayhem.” Although we have a few ‘hard core’ members, :rofl: who tend to do really well helping to boost our group. We are “we can do this” type of players and we keep doing and switching up our strategies as we learn.

Unfortunately, I am not that great. I try but as I’ve aged my reaction times are not that great so I tend to fall into the bottom of the barrel for some runs. Basically its learning the dance, as Prissi says and we will get this. But to finally take this monster down was such a relief and we did it (although I was more a prop than part of the ‘we’ group).

However, I thought my description of my version of this fight was pretty funny. :grinning:

you were spot on with the fight description, that is for sure