My Introduction

Greetings folks,

I recently decided to retire and it’s my mission now to find the one thing I’ve yet to run across: a good crew. While my life has taken me all around this crazy planet, I’ve found a quite home to settle down in in the Isle of Man and well…let’s just say there’s not a lot of people here I can connect with with shared life experiences.

I’m mostly on Xbox and PC (still hunting for a PS5 and Oculus 2 is on the way). I’ve max leveled a few characters on WoW back in 2006-07, GTA V Online has a few of my spend and oddly enough, Fortnite’s been keeping my attention for 3 years (I still suck at the game, console playing mostly). But I’ve sunk some time into Satisfactory, Raft, No Man Sky and the like, have run big builds on Minecraft and spent far too much time completing hundreds of games since Pong (born in 1970).

Full disclosure: I used to be in the video game dev business from 95-2004, then I switched gears and worked in online poker for the last 17 years (but still had my eye on the gaming side). My wife has a tight crew who plays Sea of Thieves and now that I’m going to have time on my hands (starting in June), it’s time for me to do the same.

Oh yes, and I’m also Santa.

So, who’s got room for one more?

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I’m not part of our Membership Team, so not privy to their super-secret processes, but as far as I can tell you haven’t actually applied yet? If that is indeed the case, start here.

They’ll get you all fixed up. Hope to see you soon!

We are always open for folks looking for an online guild family (so-to-speak) to game with. You are quite welcome to check us out and if you like what you see, please do join us.

BTW you won’t be the oldest …our oldest player is Trustee at 90 (he is still plugging along). I am in my mid-70’s and there’s a bunch younger than that. So there is a wide age range here for you to enjoy.

Thanks, applied.


Just don’t tell any of the guys here where all the bad girls stay :stuck_out_tongue:

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Santa’s retired?

Naughtiness unchained!

I swear we’ve all been good boys & girls. :wink:

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Speak for yourself Neph, I’ve been busy slaying mobs, bosses and mini-bosses… :rofl:

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Hello All,

I became a member some months back while playing Division 2 and newly added to ESO chapter. I pledged for the game Pantheon and still waiting for its release. In the interim I decided to visit all my old MMOs I used to play. Rift, SWoTR, LoTR, and few PC games like Baldaur’s Gate, Diablo but I landed playing ESO.

I was an ESO beta tester back in the day and started ESO day 1 of release. Back then I was going through busy personal life period and my MMOs days/time was very limited. Dropped all my subscriptions and couldn’t get back into playing MMOs. Well COVID is here and I’m working from home 100% instead of traveling.

I started ESO with a new toon @ 3 weeks ago and I’m 50 cp 103 today. I belong to a guild called The Elder Knights, but they are inactive and no one has logged in since I have been playing. I have tons of questions about the game so if I get too annoying in Discord please tell me so. :slight_smile:

I’ll be seeing you soon in game, I play my sorc Muurdoon and my tag is @Muuhut.

Muu aka Ken

OTG actually has a pretty active guild in ESO, if you want to join that :slight_smile: It’s mainly PC, though, from what I understand.

So if you live on the Isle of Man, does that mean you’re the only resident?

The little-known full name is “Isle of a Whole Bunch of Women and One Man.” There’s a lottery when the spot opens up.


Greetings, check out what people are playing in Discord and if any line up with your gameplay drop in that channel. New players join a game, long time players move on to new games. We always need new gamers to game with.

How old are you? I’m just curious, because I always love to hear people retiring in a good spot - something I look forward to myself one day. Good for you and good luck on your search.

I honestly thought this place was ‘Sealand’ at first when someone first described it to me as a ‘tax haven off the shore of the UK’.

The famous phrase here is: ‘There’s a boat in the morning’ which is used by any local if you complain even the tiniest bit about this small isle. And they mean it.


I’m 51 in a month, but since I put in my notice last month, I’m officially retiring at 50. However, the Santa gigs live on. I’ve had to turn down a number of requests the past few years due to work always ramping up prior to the holidays turning the stress level up to 11.

And making folks happy being Santa is much more rewarding in my opinion anyway. :smile:

We had banking offices in Jersey and Isle of Man. Because, well, you know. It’s not corruption if it’s legal!

Funny you should mention Sealand, as I have a (now expired) passport from another never-realized project: The Principality of New Utopia.