My Introduction - Get To Know Me!

Hello family.

Eleven years ago, I was a member of OTG for the games “AGE OF CONAN” followed by “WARHAMMER ONLINE”.
My mother (who was also my best friend) passed away at that time, and I became withdrawn and depressed. I just kinda disappeared (first from the OTG TEAMSPEAK SERVER, and then from the forums all together).

But I’ve never forgotten the good times I had back then with my fellow OTG family, although I’ll admit, I cant recall any of their names. So if you do remember me, SPEAK UP!

These days, I’m a 51 year old gamer, who also streams his gameplay on TWITCH, MIXER, YOUTUBE, and FACEBOOK. I also make YOUTUBE videos. If Im online and playing, then I’m most likely also streaming - and if you decide to group with me, I’ll be very quick to let you know that I’m LIVE. If your good with that - GREAT!

My personal saying, and the theme around my live-stream is:
“Age doesn’t make us weaker or slower - just better!”

Recently, I’ve been in a rut as far as gaming goes. PC-GAMING is really in a bad state right now, with hardly anything “GOOD” being released. Ive been playing some FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS (Battlefield V, Star Wars Battlefront II, Apex Legends, etc…) I have been kinda craving a good NEW MMORPG, and there are a couple of prospects on the horizon, but currently - the best MMORPG’s you can play are over 5 years old. OUCH!

Anyways, I just bought “Elder Scrolls Online”, so I’ll dabble in that for a bit until something comes out that is actually good. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love gaming. I just don’t like what the PC GAMING PUBLISHERS have become - (releasing unfinished games that never get fixed, loot boxes, pay to win mechanics, and my biggest pet-peeve - HACKERS & CHEATERS infesting a game, and the publisher does nothing to combat it).

Simply put, if the GAMING PUBLISHER doesn’t care about their own game - why should I.
LOL - I miss the days of PUNK-BUSTER!

Anyways – Sorry for the ramble… But hopefully, I’ve given you all a glimpse into my mind and personality.
Please… Hit me up if you’d like to play something sometime. New game, Old Game… Extend that olive branch, and maybe we will hit it off and become great friends.

Chats L8r… Extermicide

P.S. (My friends just call me “X”).

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I like this guy.

ESO has a huge active community, especially with the anniversary celebrations going on.