My healing layout for those that ask

Currently at 14 points. I do not recall the exact path I went. I go based on what I feel is needed most for the game play at that given moment. See below for what I suggest for early points for staff leveling.

This is full on healer all points into focus nothing else.

  1. Absolved - Makes light heavy attacks take no mana.
  2. Sacred Ground or Orb of protection - if you want healing first the sacred ground - more dmg take orb.
  3. Sacred Ground or Orb of protection - take the other skill here based on the second point
  4. Holy Ground - I took this for the regen while standing in sacred ground.
  5. Blessed - I took this since I hatchet off hand and wanted extra healing from berserk.
  6. Becaon - Another AOE heal that does dmg if you hit and enemeny with it.

After that I just started picking based on the moment on what I felt I needed.


Thanks, Grumpy. Playing around with a healer build myself and it’s an odd system to get used to with just three basic commands/spells.