:( my game is dated

Hangars were not nerfed. They were in a temporary state long ago where you could load lots of ships in them. Then they were fixed so that they had appropriate sizes for each type. They are also no longer used to configure ships so they are mostly decorative for now.

For now.

If you are an owner of more than one game package you will notice that you have more than one hangar. At this moment that doesn’t mean much. But when the game moves along it will be a big deal to own more than one hangar. Think of the game this way for just a minute: Your ship is your character and your hangar is your house.
Now that is not entirely true but it helps to understand what hangars will do for you.
Eventually when the game is multiple systems, each with multiple planets that each have multiple moons each with multiple landing areas…well then at each of those major ports you will be able to own a hangar. And in that hangar you will be able to store a certain number of your ships. And spawning a ship at just any location will no longer be an option.
So you would store your mining ship near the location where you want to do your mining, and your combat ship near where the war vs the Vanduul is happening…etc etc.

Hangars are not nerfed, they are just incomplete. As are much of the game features at this time.

LOL Sim, Im going to stick to nerfed :slight_smile: