My experience with OTG

Good day my main character name is Roltharian I want OTG to know how pleased i am with the organization.
The application process was like none i have ever seen in playing WOW . I was really enlightened with the way it was handled. I have been in my share of guilds in my journey some was good and some not so good. At 60 years old and disabled now i needed a no drama well organized and well run guild. I feel i have found my home with OTG and feel lucky and honored to be here, I play WOW every day unless i am sick or have a family thing, I have noticed the degree of respect and friendship like i have not seen in a long time. I see that members are happy being in a guild that is active and helpful. Hashberry and all the ones that has helped me i want to say a realistic thank you. The idea of a 25yr old plus guild is amazing and something i really needed in this phase of my life.
I can not express my gratitude and i am looking forward to many years to come with OTG

                                                                                       Level 70 Hoarde  Demon Hunter
                                                                                                     Bladefist Server

I thought it was best to share this publicly and not just hide it with User Experience & Admin. So many of us are happy to have found a home in OTG. Thank you so much!


I too am very pleased to have found a home here at OTG. I shall turn 79 this coming November and am not a long time player based upon the experiences of the majority of this guild’s membership. After all, I started playing World of Warcraft back in 2007 because my son thought I needed to get my own account.

Having never played an online game like wow before, I remember distinctly my first foray into the game was amazement at the artwork. I was constantly dying because I was so busy exploring, so my son jumped into the game to teach me how it all worked. Here I am 16 years later still playing this game albeit with more knowledge and game experience than what I started with.

I did not find OTG right away. I belonged to several other family-type guilds before I finally found OTG. I am so glad I did. OTG fits my view of what a guild is and I am happy to contribute what I can to help our members out.


Thank you for the kind words, Roltharian. I hope that OTG stays your happy place for gaming for a long time. I joined back in 2011, felt much the same way, and they’ve been unable to get rid of me since!


Long ago in the early days of D&D Online there were all these super-helpful people running around with the OTG tag. Really impressed me so I asked about the guild and ended up joining.

Have enjoyed being a part of this great group ever since. I can’t speak for how other members feel about me though! :stuck_out_tongue:


‘Kicks back with popcorn’ :popcorn:

Yet another confirmation of why OTG is so cool.

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You gonna share or what?

You know it!

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… and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since… oh crap, is this thing on?

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