My 2 Cents on the new "Far Away From Home" Items

Alot of hype went into the items in the lockbox so here is my opinion on the items.


The Dot-23 Drones ENG/SCI/TAC: these are ok. I would give it a C rating. If you needs spots to fill or replace an out of date kit modules these would do though they are not uber by any means. ATM of this post they are as cheap as 80k on AH.

Universal Kit Module – Parasitic Ice: very good dot and root. Solid B. Replace old rooters if you are looking for a new one. Little expensive on AH anywhere from 7.7-10 mil indicative to its utility.

Universal Kit Module – Personal Transporter: never tried it. I don’t like having to take seconds into pointing where I want to blink to.


Ground: Unyielding Ideals: useless IMO. Almost everything is better than this.

Ground: Upgraded Gear: solid choice, B rating. If you need to fill a trait this would be a good choice as long as we assume you rotate your kit module powers.

Ground: Bond with Life: Now here is the hype’d one. IMO its a C+ or B at most. It lists what you can bond with. A good place to farm 3 at most 4 on the list is doing the PARTISANS quest. The Mugato, Anthropod and Targ keep spamming as long as you don’t activate the generators. The Dankasaur, you have to be quick as in my playthrough my team demolished the boss as he spammed the Dankasaur adds and it didn’t have time to lock them in. Unfortunately, it is a summon the functions like any other summon, so if you have them its not much better. The only good thing is you can choose your summon to fit the need of the run. IMO the Elachi walker, Nano Targ, Grethor Targ, and Laser Trex are better because it has the same timer as they do but unlike the item clickable which starts once you hit it this skill starts after the pet is auto dismissed, the only upside is you can spam this and another summon so there is that. Cryptic lied to us. No mega Trex for us. Tried it on both Mega Trex in voth battlezone and Squamus to no effect. 10-15 mil on AH.

Space: Symbiotic Ice: B at most. Could have been an A but it is limited to only beams which limits your choice. Still its a nice boost to dps. Resonable last time I checked it was around 2-5 mil.

Space: Redundant Antimatter Containment: C-B. Very role specific. Still if you are playing a tank this is an excellent choice though you would have to divert more power from shields to engines so meh. Maybe still around 250k.

Space: Feel the Weight of Our Presence: this is the only S to A rank on this list. Basically if you have hanger pets, deployables (turrets, torpedo turrets, universal console summons like the hurq summons or satelite) your team and if they have hanger pets and even npc friendlies in story mode will count to the max 25% debuff on the enemy. It stays and spreads to all enemies you hit so spamming SV or FAW here. Very expensive last time I checked it was around 20mil.

Unique Duty Officer: Randomly Transporting Saurian: meh he is ok. Low B to C+ for me due to the fact that he has low proc rates. When he does spawn he does spam his skills a lot so that’s a bonus. So, if you need a spot on your doff roster he is an ok choice. 5-8 mil on AH.

Trill Guardian Staff: works almost identical to the herald staff with knockback feature so solid A.

Crossfield Science Spearhead Refit: B. It functions just like the old Spearhead except it has an extra universal console slot and the ability to slot miracle worker skills (both are +'s). So with the upgrade you will have a total of 12 console slots, so it’s one of the few ships with this option. The console and summon is nice. All in all it is not worth it unless you have gobs of EC hanging around. It’s priced at 1.2 bil on AH and has not moved at all.

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