Mutator's Guide & Broken Shard Crafted >600 Gear

Just some FYI re: PTR tests.


625 Gear is Undertuned, crafting clips.
This example, sharded 600>609 =
-8 overall damage, +1 nature damage, +0.1 fortified sacred ground

Have we found any videos of people busting out the higher end mutations? I seemed to recall that the expectation was minimal stat improvement from 600-625 like just enough to say yep there is some but not enough to mean anything outside of mutations. Then you have the following line from the patch notes:

  • Please be advised that “Recommended Gear Score’” levels for a Mutated Expedition is important, as it directly factors into enemy scaling — and by consequence, your chances of success.

Where it sounds like they are leveraging Gear Score to determine power versus the encounters in mutations. Which means we have no practical observable means of understanding the power scaling and curve of the gear score versus the mutation content.