Multiple Demon Hunters on one server - How?

One of our members recently told me that they were able to create a second DH on their server. I insisted that it wasn’t possible yet. They insisted that they had just accomplished it. I’m still unable to create a second one on a server. Does anyone know how our member accomplished this?

If you are that member, please enlighten me. I don’t remember who you were, but I think you were a man in the Alliance chapter.

I think you could create a new DH on a connected realm. So Undermine (or any of the even newer ones) for Alliance, or Bladefist for Horde. Not technically the same server, true, but effectively the same.

They are removing the restriction in the prepatch. It still seems to be in place at the moment.

That’s what I told the person who told me they made a second one. They disagreed due to having made a second one. I’m curious how they got around the restriction. The character select screen doesn’t aggregate from multiple realms, so I’m assuming they saw two DHs on the same character select screen in order to deny my claim.

You can’t, the system currently will not allow 2 DH on the same server. The only way is what Dread suggests. They had one on Anvilmar & created a 2nd on Undermine (or whatever other realms we are connected to these days). If pre-patch removes that restriction that will be great news.