Moving to Fresh Start

As I am going to move to the Fresh Start server, and plan to take my name with me, I am going to delete my character on Orefena. Before I do that, I thought that I would move all of my belongings to the guild on Orefena. Not that I have anything all that great, as I only achieved level 28 at launch, but If there is someone that would be willing to meet up with me sometime this week I would be happy to transfer everything over to the guild. My in game name is Stoli, currently in Windsward.

Ping me on Discord if you would like to meet up, same name.

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That’s cool tho. I am thinking about joining a fresh start as well, the thing is, when I played at launch, I managed to put it quite a bit setup. I have a life staff with void gauntlet build and when I came back this month, I did so many dungeons! It’s unreal how easy it is now. But to be honest I’ve cleared all the map from quests because it’s my thing, the thought of doing it again kills me.

I might join but instead of pve i’ll try to focus only on pvp on the fresh servers, since the knowledge is already there on what to do, getting level and gear will be a breeze.

Welcome back bro.

Your welcome to donate whatever gold you have to the treasury if you want. Items though there is no official guild bank. Storage is kind of at a premium. I know we have a few volinteers that store all the recipes and music sheets for folks but that’s about it.

its unfortunate that after a year we sitll don’t have the concept of a guild bank in New World as a game feature.

So no one wants any of this?