Movie Madness

Resurrecting my old video blog. Videos, shorts, music videos, etc. Let’s host them here.

TF2 vs Overwatch

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Mags I had not seen that Star Wars one before! Good find. :slight_smile:

Lion King Batman
The circle of…Robins, or something.

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Overwatch vs. TF2. Hysterical. Ty for posting.

I’m not a Warhammer 40k fan, but I know quite a few here are, so…

Thor and Valkyrie join the Men in Black

:disappointed:. I couldn’t see anyone in the trailer except for Thor. Love MIB, so will be worth a look / see when it comes out this summer.

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That is almost exactly what I go through when I have to go into CVS Pharmacy. Most relatable was the wad of receipts that get shoved at me for buying just one thing.

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I go in to CVS to buy two things but I buy one first and then get in line again to purchase the second item with the comeback coupon on the first item receipt.

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Oh, so much truth.

And yet, CVS is still better than Walgreens or Rite Aid.

Those two are less organized, less clean and more depressing to deal with in my area.

Fortunately I get all my mother’s Rx from a wholesale pharmacy that delivers to care facilities.

I phone it in once a month (14 different meds). I’m in and out in 5 minutes. Everything comes in 30 day punch out cards instead of pill bottles. They bill automatically to her credit card and mail me the itemized receipt. It’s so brilliantly painless I only go into CVS for one time Rx same day pickups.

If there’s a possibility of something like that in your area, I highly recommend looking into it.

Check for independent or assisted living facilities in your area and ask them who they use. Then call and ask if you can use them. The wholesale pharmacy may or may not say yes. The one I use said they wouldn’t delivery to me for free but were perfectly happy to let me pick up from them or pay $15 shipping which isn’t unreasonable either.

The bartenders are the ORIGINAL VOICE ACTORS.


The sheer amount of work this took. Dude.

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Dang I might have watched it if I’d known it was a musical :stuck_out_tongue: