Motion sickness from gaming

Anyone else ever experience this? About a year ago I started noticing a pattern. Every Sunday night for seemingly no reason and with no other symptoms id I started getting sick. After about a month and a half of this it hit me. Sunday was the day I played games for the longest stretch. I stopped playing my main game at the time Black Desert and it stopped.

I decided today to give it one more go after a year break out bbn of boredom, big mistake! Started feeling dizzy around 3pm so I stopped playing. Started getting sick around 4pm and still getting dizzy spells and getting sick at 10pm, 6 hours later.

It would probably help if I quit watching YouTube videos on my phone but I can’t just lay here staring at the walls for hours lol. This is worse then the night after I drank a 5th of Fireball whiskey. No more fast paced action combat flashy games for me I guess :frowning:

See if this helps there is actually a name for your issue cyber sickness


I get nauseous when playing VR but not from monitors.

or this

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I have it too. Only in 1st person typically but some 3rd person games get me too. The Souls games are really bad. I am fine with Assassins Creed Odyssey but Valhalla gets me. All Valve games (Half-life, Portal, etc…) are the worse. I have tried everything and I have concluded its certain game engines that do it. I can usually tell within 30 minutes and all of my steam refunds have been due to it. Most MMO’s are fine but never tried BDO.

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I get something like that occasionally. I’ve tended to think of it as repetitive visual input sickness. Long sessions of gaming or even when I was doing all day long CADD work at the office busting out a project I’d develop that sea-sickness feeling. When I’d sleep that night it was like my brain was still doing it and having stutter-y semi-lucid dreams of that activity similar to if your ever gotten sea sick and still feel like your rocking in your sleep and never quite get to sleep.

What helped for me was taking ‘sunlight breaks’ at work where I’d go outside(sometimes up onto the roof where the smokers weren’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) That and getting in some physical activity and different visual environments like taking a walk or hiking that didn’t involve so much intense detailed, focused hand-eye activity. Getting a daylight LED light for during the day and a more orange-y night time light can also help. They even make lamps that can be both!

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I cannot play fps games at all due to motion sickness. Also, even in mmo’s if I am in a building or tight enclosed halls it is the same. Sometimes if the graphics are too good and fluid it affects me. Yep, it sucks epic proportions.