Mosselyn - Are you still here?

HELP! I’m trying to get back active in OTG but I am about to lose my shit with this new fangled site that seems to have taken over the old busted ass but familiar site. Tell me what I have to do to get back in the graces and what not. I miss ya M’Lady. Hope to hear from ya.

…back to mining in BDO, be seeing you!

P.S> - BDO does not have jumping puzzles which makes me sad :frowning:


Mossy’s still here, but I gotcha… I was able to verify your previous member status!

Welcome Back :smiley: Check your Private Messages here for more information. You can find your Private Messages by clicking on your avatar (above right) and then the envelope icon.

Happy gaming!

Lol, welcome back, Tex. Catch me on Discord some time and I’ll help demystify the new site for you. It’s not so bad once you understand how it works, but it is a lot to take in at first.