More time to rejoin - Meldrax - Red

Hello. I have more online time for the remaining of the summer and wonder if there is space on the ingame guilds? I saw that we still have 3 guilds… and one among the 3 that is less populated, and maybe less active? this might be more suitable for me but if only 2 are really use, than I’d go in the more PVE oriented one due to my online availability.
Let me know if there is free guild spaces somewhere and to who I should contact, thanks.

Meldrax (BDO family) - Redflow / Arrowal (most active chars)

We actually have 4 guilds in BDO now. :grinning: Green is our more relaxed PVE guild. People there are laid back and they still run and pull missions. The next in activity would be Red. Red pulls 10 missions a day and gets together as a group for other activities like helping level, Sea monster hunter and boss scrolls. Red does require you to not let your contract expire more than 7 days and not be offline for more than 14 days. Both have openings in their guild.

I will happy to help you get back into one of the guilds. Are you still on the BDO OTG discord?

Best regards,

Thanks for the update! 4 BDO guilds like the good old days :slight_smile:
I am actually trying out a different mid size guild and see how it goes. The coming month(s) will tell me if I have enough online availability to resume with them (if I like it), or switch back to OTG in either guild, to be evaluate then. I have been kicked out twice from OTG’s BDO for inactivity reasons so I want to sure I’m up to and more available for gaming in the next month to come.
Yes I sill have OTG BDO discord in my server’s list. Will drop by and say hello once in while :slight_smile:

Thanks again


I am not sure anyone has ever been kicked from Green due to inactivity. :grinning: If you come to OTG BDO, I would start there if I was you. You could be back with no pressure . They have the feel of a small to medium guild and they don’t worry about activity requirements at this time.

We hope to see you around.


Hello again AVPU. I’ve just left the guild that I have tried out to see as I have discovered that they were TUGS by moment hehe. I’ve tried the monster sea hunt with a small group and it was ok but suddenly we encountered an other player’s ship and the group rushed to attack the player’s ship in PVP mode even if there was no signs of provocations. That is not for me, and I know that OTG would be acting as defensive only and never heard of OTG initiate attacks like tugs. Node war is a different thing as it is meant to be like this.
This said, my 24 hr timer have started and will rejoin OTG RED (if there is space) as I think I could comply in general to be there within the 7 days requirement and I have more time to join on group events, probably at least once a week.
If all ok, talk to you soon in here or via discord.
Thanks in advance

Welcome Back to the BDO Chapter!

You are being placed in OTG-RED. OTG-RED is more of a laid back guild that is an even mix of those that love combat and life skill aspects of the game. We can be found chatting in guild chat and talking in discord as we help each other learn all that BDO has to offer. When we go out in a group you will often find us Sea Monster Hunting, occasional Boss Scroll or Node War, Vell trips as well as many other group activities with the rest of the OTG guilds. For an in game invite, review our chapter guidelines. Here you can find information on how to connect to our chapter specific discord server, learn about our AFK policy, PvP rules of engagement, and other important information.

I look forward to seeing you in Discord.