More Discourse Themes please! :)

Can we have a few more discourse themes, please? Here is my wishlist of Discourse themes.

The Daemonite Material Theme is my favourite of this bunch. The discourse-as-dark-theme is a fork (I think that’s the term?) of the Dark theme.

Creating themes seems overly complicated but importing already made themes seems pretty easy.

Basically pretty easy and straight forward:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Customize
  3. Themes
  4. Import
  5. From the web > github repro URL: 
  6. Adjust as you wish. A Color Scheme is inclusive
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If this suggestion would remedy this grey text on grey background that I currently see, I please also ask for it!

Is there any way for user to change preferences? I can not read this forum very well as it is currently styled.

Thank you!

There are various themes to try… I use Sam’s Simple.

Click the “hamburger menu”


then try them all!


Thank you for your suggestions. Many themes do not work with the modules we use, so I’m afraid it’s not always as simple as just installing it without breaking a whole bunch of stuff. We’ll look over your list and see if we can make them work.


it wouldn’t be as bad if it used different shades. Like an off white background or even a border. Most of the others available are similar and not very aesthetic.

Notice the post area is enclosed in a border whereas sams aren’t. Sams looks messy and Material Test looks clean and nicely defined. The background is also a very slightly darker shade of white but it works.

@odo try the AS Dark theme here’s what it looks like. Very easily for us old-timers to see…LOL :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile:

Please can we get a theme as close as possible to the old vB5. Drisdane’s Hello Kitty Theme?

If not then at least something with lots of Pink and cats, at least pink if not the kitties would be awesome pretty please with cherries on top and chocolate sprinkles :smiley:

Thanks for reading


@Safari - themes are really hard to make! Here is a list of full themes that are ready to go. You can look through them and request one be tried on the beta server to see if it breaks anything.

Thank you Juulz much appreciated. I shall have a squizz at them to see if there’s a good one maybe even Drisdane would love. LoL

Off topic a second, are you of Dutch heritage by chance? I saw a reference in COVID-19 thread and was curious considering the use of double vowels in your forum name.

PS: Thanks Heaps for getting me back into my online family so promptly and for all your marvelous assistance when I was completely clueless about the new forums format.
:mask: There’s a big teethy grin under my mask.

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Welcome back Safari!

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Dutch mostly, Scotch and English… Mom’s mom was a VanDam and Dad’s mom was a Bosloper. My name is Scotch, but most of the men married Dutch women.

The double vowels in Juulz come from not being able to register my name the way I wanted on busy WoW servers! :rofl:

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@Safari You are also welcome to start hacking away and create your own template and submit that for the test server. It does not have to be an existing template.

I might just do that if I find none I like.

Thanks for the advice.

Oh that is too funny I thought I was going crazy, because I was certain I did the quote thingy. But it wasn’t there. LoL these fancy high tech forums auto edited my post.

you can just highlight something like your going to copy and paste. the quote button will pop up and you can click it. for example:

LoL I know how to quote smarty pants, I’ve got the badge to prove it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL here look what I’m talking about maybe I’ll teach you something you didn’t know yet.

If I can figure out how to upload my screenshot that is. scratches her head

Let me see this button might be right

Houston I think we have lift off!

right-click the image hit copy image, then paste in the box. Or put an images URL on a single line



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