More Best Selling Sci-fi Books by OTG Author

I haven’t seen @GSJennsen post in a while, but I just thought I let everyone know that the newest book in the Asterion Noir saga has released:

And also that the 1st book is now a #1 best seller in multiple, multiple amazon catagories:



First, how excellent that I received an email notifying me of this post! :+1:

Second, I’m a terrible person for not posting about Of A Darker Void sooner - and possibly a little slack because I knew you had my back. Very wrong of me. :roll_eyes: So thank you for sharing this!!


Gladly, we’ve always got your back! I forgot I hadn’t updated any posts since we made the move to Discourse. So prompted by your most excellent facebook post, here we are. :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up, Rev. I just picked up Book 1 and am excited to check out!


Are they only available for Kindle? Not that it’s an issue for me personally, but I also work for a public library and I’d love to get your books ordered for us here, but we don’t support Kindle ebooks atm.

Her books are available on more internet retailers than I have ever heard of. Here’s a link to the list on her site:

I haven’t seen the author or series before, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

Just finished Book 1 and really enjoyed it. Interesting world building, interesting characters. Thank you for the great read, @GSJennsen.

I’ll be picking up Book 2 ASAP!


Wonderful! I’m so glad you enjoyed Starshine, and I hope you keep on enjoying the books. :blush:

I love to read science fiction, and it seems that the author gets a lot of praise on Amazon reviews. I’m going to give this book series a try. Reading into the story behind the book’s setting, it seems there are a series of 9 books that precede these. I look forward to reading more about it.


I hope you enjoy the books, @Vronos! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:.