Mods with Elsweyr

Any recommendations for mods? Just coming back after a year away.

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My mod list in Minion looks like this:

AUI - Advanced UI
Azurah - Interface Enhanced
CraftStore Elsweyr
Harven’s Bag Space
Harven’s Durability and Charges
Harven’s Extended Stats
Harven’s Improved Skills Window
Harven’s Item Stats Comparison
Harven’s Research Timers
Harven’s Subtitle Menu Fix
Harven’s Trait and Style
Lui Extended
MiniMap by Fyrakin
Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)
Votan’s Group Pins
Votan’s Improved Locations
Votan’s Improved Quests
Votan’s Keybinder
Votan’s Map Pin Colors

Gotta make sure to disable the MiniMap in the AUI menu. I do get some errors but they are minor. You don’t need all of these but you need a lot of them, IMHO. :slight_smile:

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Does the MiniMap by Fyrakin work with the new expansion?

Mini Map by Fyrakin does say Elsweyr 5.0.5 is supported. Updated 4/15/19.

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I switched to Bandits UI instead of AUI. I’m liking it a lot better.

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Now that Combat Cloud by: Sideshow, ArtOfShred, Garkin, Phinix has been discontinued (Or so the Minion mod page says), does anyone have a good replacement? (It is throwing LUA errors when you get into the game. I have disabled it.) There is a post on that page that recommends “Lui Extended” as a replacement.

Any thoughts?

I use LUI, switched a while back when AUI was taking a long time to update. The only thing I miss was the built in mini-map in AUI I liked it more than Fryakins.

AUI should be up to date now.

That depends on which AUI you refer to. There are several. I switched from Sensei’s to Dunkelmaterie’s a while back when the former kept throwing LUA errors on login to the game. Now Dunkelmaterie’s crashes the UI when you enter Cyridiil. All you get is a blue haze with no menus or anyway to exit Cyridiil or the game.

After digging and finding nothing, I uninstalled Dunkelmaterie’s and reinstalled Sensei’s version as it has been updated recently. Now all works fine…