Moba game called smite

THeres a fun game called smite its a moba sorta like league of legends but much better graphics and a less agressive community . I mean you have your occasional ragers in every game, but this one has alot less then league of legends. you can start guild/clan on this and can get to a max of 1000 members. so not only might it be a good way to recruit more people but explore a new game in the aspect also.
Let me know thoughts and opinions

Smite’s great but there never was really much interest for it in OTG. I think for the longest time I was the only OTGer that played.

i waiting for my application approval right now but i play it and maybe we can get others into it and get a clan going its loads better then league of legends

After a ive been in the guild for a bit and get a foothold id like to try and get an otg guild/clan going on smite if possible if when of the leaders could contact me with opinions and thoughts id greatly appreciate it.
ty look forward to hearing from ya