MMO's only?

I only see MMO’s in the games list? Is that pretty much it? I do play multiplayer games, like Empyrion, Minecraft, Space Engineers and others, but not really into MMO’s. Thanks.

Im still new here so Im not 100% sure, but this group seems mainly for people to get together over similar gaming interests, not necessarily limited to just MMO games, It gives people who have like minded interests somewhere to talk and group up to play said games together, without a fear of drama or elitism ruining their experience in the game.

Yeah, I gathered that from the description. :smiley:

I looked through the forums and didn’t see any games other than MMO’s mentioned. Search function doesn’t seem to work for me no matter what I type in. Newb status maybe?

Well, here in General Games you’ll find Virtual Table Tops, Console Games and Mobile Device Games, for example. :smiley:

The categories might be a little empty, but that’s only because this forum format is new to us and we had to leave most of the old stuff behind. :wink:

Okay, fair enough. I’ll check in occasionally to see what’s new. Thanks.

There is more behind the curtain that is visible only to members only. If you’re in the middle of the application process, once you finish that more will magically appear :mage:

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Speaking of Minecraft, do we have a general Minecraft section, not tied to any one server? I feel like that would get some play, but I’m not sure. There may well already be one and I missed it. <_<