MMO - Where's The Best Bang For The Buck?

I reached 60 in New World and… not logged in a few weeks.

What’s out there with a population and thrill factor worth time vested to enjoy?

Past favorites: UO, DOAC (classic and a bit of additional content along the way), SWG (pre cookie cutter), and EVE.
Others had their good and not so good moments, ESO, DDO. GW, RIFT, LOTRO. Heck, even played WOW and Warhammer. Good games though not in my personal category of Greatest.

About the only game active with personally viewed, real heart is EVE:
I would jump back into EVE though… well, I sinned and sold my accounts for premium $. I’ve pondered since if that was a mistake. At the time, figured something else would fire my MMO engine. Wish I had my accounts as EVE is not a new player entry game however, for the coin, I believe the coin wins, unfortunately.

So, What are / were your favorites?

Seems the one I find with hope… still far, too far to touch - Ashes of Creation.

My all time favorite was Ultima Online–and for a 25 year old game it still exists–but is badly dated now. I mean who wants to spend a fortune on an uber system and graphics card to go back to 1997 tech? After that DAOC ( old tech now also) Warhammer ( no longer exists). Frankly I came back to NW after the last patch after not playing it for 2 months (tried Lost Ark but a bit too Asian grindy for me) and was pleasantly surprised at the progress NW had made. ESO is always an option but I have been out of that for so long, just do not think I would remember how to play. All that being said I do not see a lot in the MMO future ; but let me know if you do.

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You mentioned that you’ve played ESO previously. There’s been a new expansion to that game recently. Maybe the update will freshen it up for you to play again.

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Possibly but last I checked ESO was subscription based ( yes I know they have a free version but really ) In any event I will look .

It’s a preference for each of us though I always enjoyed the subscription model over the fee to play games. That said, aside from buying the game, I’ve yet to pay for anything via NW. So maybe my theory of “Fee to Play” is not present - How do they make $ though?

I’ll look at ESO, thanks @Xinra . Since @Fin 's first post, I’ve stepped back into NW and he’s right… so far it’s hopped a few leaps beyond the status when I left. It takes up that time I’d otherwise perform valuable work around the house, etc. Haha! :slight_smile:

Speaking of work around the house… Happy wife, happy life. She’s out of town and my discipline to complete a few tasks have, eh - slipped my mind. Hope to hear from others and thanks to Fin and Xinra for your input.

Sorry, I thought Wizewon was looking for a new game alternative. I play ESO without subscription, it works for me just fine.

a lot of peeps went to Lost Ark, it is fun and engaging.

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Their exists a private Classic EverQuest server called “Project 1999”. The process of installing and patching the files is a bit tedious, but allows you to play the game as it existed back in 1999. It’s operating with the blessing of the og EQ devs, so it wont just “vanish” like a lot of private servers tend to do. The catch is that the P99 guys aren’t allowed to distribute the disc images of the specific version the server runs on… you either need to have the physical discs for the Titanium Edition (those do still exist, but sell for a premium), or… find/know someone with with the disc .iso files willing to share.
As far as “bang for your buck”, it’s free… so if you like the old EQ or are willing to learn it… it’s pretty fun.

I was able to “locate” the Titanium , iirc, version required for P99. Both times, a year or so apart, people were friendly and it was amazing to romp around Halas , Everfrost again along with seeing Freeport before they made it bigger.

I really miss what EQ was like back in those early years. SO many people everywhere. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, they’re really not hard to find if you’re looking. Heck, I’ve even saved a copy of them to (formerly / mega upload) specifically to distribute to anyone interested in trying it out. We’re all trying to grow the userbase as much as we can.
I’m just a sucker for these old RPGs…

The only MMO I routinely go back to nowadays is ESO. They release just enough new content every few months to get me to go back and check things out. Last week was the beginning of this year’s storyline and new expansion High Isle. It is F2P, but truth be told paying the $14 subscription is the way to go if you plan to play it for a couple days/weeks before getting burned out. I usually pay for the month, play the new content, level a new alt, and then cancel and wait a few months for the next expansion.

Recently I started playing LOTRO, which is dated, but it does have all the old-school MMO mechanics and feel to it; since it’s 15 years old, but it’s still being supported with newish content, and so so far it’s keeping me interested. There is an OTG guild on the Gladden server.

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I played a demo for “Project Gorgon” a while back, its an MMO made by 2 people… the writing and humor has OldSchool RuneScape vibes. As far as I can tell its a one and done purchase. Aside from that I been vibin’ in GuildWars…

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