Mists of Panderia JC Flying Cat Mounts

I didn’t pick up Jewelry crafting until Legion so i missed out on the wonderful Cat mounts that were crafted in game during Mists. I got bored recently and went back and learned the reps & recipes for these wonderful flying mounts.

Here is all the info for anyone wanting one of the smaller ones or if bold enough wanting the Jeweled Onyx.

I have all the recipes on both the JC & Alchemist needed for this mount. If you have any questions, let me know.

Crafting is free of charge.

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Jeweled Onyx Panther is a new flying panther mount made by Jewelcrafters. It’s crafted by fusing together four other new Jewelcrafting mounts: Sunstone Panther, Jade Panther, Ruby Panther, Sapphire Panther. They each take an Orb of Mystery which costs 20,000, so that’s a lot of money between crafting the mounts to collect as well as the mounts to combine together!

Jewelcrafters can purchase these recipes from San Redscale with Order of the Cloud Serpent reputation.






Materials Needed:

{ Golden Lotusx80}

{ Alexandritex20}
{ Pandarian Garnetx20} - All of these items are not required, read below from more information.
{ Lapis Lazulix20}
{ Sunstonex20}

Nether the Golden Lotus or the gems above are required for the mounts themselves, but they are transmuted into the gems below. Transmutation is not required, you can prospect these gems or buy them through the Auction House.

These gems are transmuted into:
Primordial Rubyx20
Sun’s Radiancex20
Wild Jadex20
River’s Heartx20

You will also need:

Orb of Mysteryx4 = 80,000 gold. (Excluding guild perks. Goblin perk does not apply to this item.)(Thank you Jonasclau.)
Serpent’s Eyex8
Living Steelx16

To create Living Steel, you will need an alchemist. One method is to receive 96 Trillium Bar to transmute into 16 Living Steel. Another is to get 48 Trillium Bar and 48 Spirit of Harmony. (Thank you Crilmon.)

Jade Panther
Ruby Panther
Sunstone Panther
Sapphire Panther.


Once you have all the panthers, you can create Jeweled Onyx Panther.

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^^this is the key, that I’m sure I would have missed had I decided to get one. How prominent is this comment? So basically, once one is made, you just hold onto it in your bag until you have all, then combine them into the final Jeweled Onyx Panther.

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Jeweled Onyx is crafted by a JC. The mats are the final 4 panther statues. You personally can’t create it.

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aha, ok, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for that clarity.

I made this during the xp and had to have all of them so i made 4 twice, one to combine. They are still favorites. I wish Blizz would do more of this multiple mounts per profession for every XP.