Missing dailies?

Post patch I am not seeing the garrison pet battle daily or the Blingtron 6000 bling mode daily. Is anyone else having this issue? Also the quests that generate war resources in Arathi are gone.

There are numerous missing dailies. Not just garrison pet battles but many others (I noticed the flyers in the Barrens not coming up and I read about other trainers). I also had no Blingtron option and have seen it mentioned by others.

I think I saw a Blue mention this was unintended but it’s not very prominent. Mildly irritating but what’s a patch day without unintended breaking of stuff? :wink:

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Thanks. I will not spend hours looking through all my alts for a banked Blingtron Gift Package then.

I put in a bug report on this yesterday.

Blizzard is aware (known issue) and is still working on an update for both pet battles and Blingatrons. Also Celestial Tourny & older pet trainers (sometimes, not always, perhaps related to account-wide quests?). I didn’t see a real comprehensive “known issues” thread tho, so I’m sure there is more still!

It is now fixed.