Misfits of Mayhem going Old School this Friday 4/24. First up Uldir (or Heroic Darkshore if it is up)

The Misfits of Mayhem are taking a break from Ny’alotha this week to revisit the old raids of BFA. The idea behind this was to allow anyone to switch out from their main class spec & try something different when Shadowlands launch.

First up is Uldir

Anyone is welcome to come with us this Friday at 8pm Server Time (9 est/ 8 cst). With the 100% XP buff in place, it shouldn’t be too hard to hit 120 by this Friday if your close. Doesn’t matter on your spec or class. Play what you want.

If you would like to try & tank - have a go at it, if you want to try Raid Healing - have a go at it. If you simply want to roll with the pew pew group - come on down. The fights are fun, so if you missed out seeing them at launch, come join us. Loot is only 355 on Normal, 385 on Mythic so it really isn’t viable for gearing anymore outside of transmogs. If you hit 120, in 2 days you can be around 420 ilvl, rank 5 cloak, & Heart of Azeroth at 80 with the current WQ & rewards. That is more than geared for this Raid. If you have any questions on how to do this, just give out a shout in Guild Chat.

Now, Heroic Darkshore is also close to being ready. This Warfront gives a 460 item reward. We always run it when it is available. The only thing with this is you have to be 120 & completed the Darkshore Scenario. A fresh 120 will have the quest available from

You obtain it from Dori’thur (Owl) who can be found by the Mission Command Table on the boat in Boralus.

Now if when you go to Stormwind, & Maiev isn’t in the Council Room, you need to start the Black empire campaign, get to the part where you give Magni his hammer and Maiev will appear once Magni wants you to return to the chamber of heart. (You start this quest line by talking with Anduin - “An Unwelcome Advisor”)

You must do this Darkshore Questline in order to join the Raid.

The system will not allow us to take you if you haven’t done this. It will take less than an hour to complete. We also can’t invite people to the Darkshore Warfront after it begins, so please be early enough to join. Invites will start usually at 7:30pm Server (8:30 est/7:30 cst)