Mining for moon rocks


Hi, first is there any special skills or equipment you need for moon mining ? Second, are you still mining on the weekends ? Third , if I am able to mine the moon stuff would I be able to join you all ? Plus I will need to know where your at. Was hoping to have some free time Sunday but would also like to get closer to where I would need to be Friday ,Saturday.



Yes and no. I mean you could mine the moon rocks in a Venture but you’d be best in a barge (e.g. Retriever, Hulk, etc.), with T1 or T2 Ubiquitous Moon Crystals.

yes, I believe the schedule is in the private section of the forums here.

I’m not sure if you meant able to or not. If you’re able to sure. If not, sure! You can always help by hauling minerals, setting up bookmarks, joining in the chatter, etc.

Opsec, see the post in the private section here in the forums or see the MOTD in the “OTG Only” chat in-game.



ok, I have a the Retriever but I can’t fit Ubiquitous Crystals for another month. I have Modulated Strip miner 11 fitted , so I am unable to mine moon rock then ?



You can mine them with a T1 strip miner and no crystals. you’ll be fine.

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