Migrate old Mobile authenticator by Jan 5th, 2024

There for a moment I thought I was going to be forced to give up my physical authenticator…even though its been working just fine all these years. So this notation is welcome news for me, at least until mine fizzles out.

Note that this only affects the mobile applications, and physical authenticators will continue to function as they currently do.

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You do want to consider migrating before it dies. It’s a pain to do so after. When it’s dead you can’t get in to make the change, and have to petition to have it removed.

My key fob authenticator died last week, after many, many years. Resuscitations did not work.

Battlenet instructed me to get the mobile app. It was very clear that there were two, and I needed the most recent. The older one, which I had, directed me to the new one, as well.

I downloaded the new one, got a text code on my phone and was set up in a couple minutes.

Overall this was a fast simple transition. I expected it to be a hassle, but it was clear what to do and took only a few minutes.

Well done, Blizz!

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Nice. I’m always reading about how awful the process is. I’m glad that’s not always the case!

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That’s the one I am already using, I think…

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If it has chat capabilities and the like, then you probably have the latest one, Lor. I just upgraded yesterday and it was painless.

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Hi Mossy it’s been a while. How are things?

Good! I’m around, lurking, even you don’t see me. :slight_smile: I hope you’re doing well, too. Merry Christmas, etc.


You lurk well… :rofl:

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Merry Christmas to you also.

Didn’t migrate. Guess I am doomed. DOOOOOMED! :scream:

:rofl: not really, just check out Bliz’s help threads for how to install new setup.

But I’m doomed. DOOOOOOOMED! Do you now understand?

re-reads your post

Oh. Um, ok. Alright then. Thank you. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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