Microsoft trackball exploror

We just got my wife a new comp …it has win 11 on it. I am unable to get her Microsoft trackball explorer to work.
I can get the track ball to work but she is unable to rebind the trackball keys or even get the computer to recognize it.
She has had surgery for carpal tunnel and nothing else she has tried works. She has had this trackball for over 12 yrs.
There is supposed to be a site that tells you how to get it to work and get recognized on win 11 but I cant find it.
I had a trackball like this awhile ago and it was great . For some reason Microsoft discontinued it and stopped supporting it. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Is your wife able to use the thumb type trackballs or only the explorer type trackballs?

At this link, the answers say it won’t work because your mouse is not supported by " Mouse and Keyboard Center".

However, this Microsoft answer has instructions to make it work with Windows 10 using the above software. So it might be worth a try on Windows 11.

You’ll want the 64 bit version at,

Good Luck

If you can’t get it to work, this review explorer review has a link to a similar device under the “Update” text. It takes you to Amazon page and it lists Windows 11 as supported.