Microsoft to purchase Activision Blizzard

This story popped up on my news feed this morning so I thought I would just post it here if anyone was interested in it. Personally, I am staying neutral in this but felt the news was important for those who might be following the saga of Activision Blizzard these days.

Wow! That’s a lot of money. :astonished:

Hmmmm… my best guess is that we’ll see Windows 15 by spring

And probably on sale right now with all the turmoil.

Well I heard that they’re reimagining WoW Classic as a game with way more creepers. Also more square.

@wont, I just cannot watch Asmongold under any circumstances. Every time I’ve tried, I ended closing out the browser window. He just turns my stomach with his method of communication and it gives me a sour stomach.

There are people in the world that I have had to completely walk away from because of how badly I react to their presentations and communications. He is one of them.

@lynspottery I completely understand. He is abrasive, however he is one of WoW’s speculators and I thought his video went well with what was going on. Good speculation, no one really knows what’s Microsoft is going to do to the Blizzard Monster, its all about perspective.

I don’t think anyone knows what MS is going to do. They have their own headache issues with their own software.

M$oft are pretty well known for jumping into bad deals which get sold off at a later date at rock bottom prices , look what they did to Nokia which was the most successful cell phone company before Apple took the torch. All that tends to happen is all the patents change hands and the shell is dumped and they write it all off against taxes

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And there’s at least a chance MS will buy Nokia again. The business concept is kind of technical, but it goes more or less like this:


I just love Monty Python. :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: