Method Downs Jaina - World First

Just saw the news that Method got world first in this raid. However, Limit came so close.

One other thing I’ve heard and then saw verified in this article was that Limit also faction-transferred its main roster to the Alliance for high-level War Mode gear (and then back again) before the raid. As a players I find this repulsive that Bliz allowed this unbalanced gear setup in the first place.

To me this is a horrendous administrative decision by Blizzard and I find it totally uncalled for. Gear drops should be on a level playing field…not weighted towards one side.

But my hat’s off to these two guilds who did a lot of work toward this and hope Bliz comes to its senses about uneven gear setups like this, no matter which side.

You can read the article here.

Every faction transfer earns Blizzard money. So draw your own conclusions :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am not really sure there is an issue here. Sure there was a single extra piece of gear available to you if you were horde and elected to faction transfer to alliance to complete the war mode quest. This however did exactly what it was intended to do. It shifted the overall war mode balance between the factions closer. It did it well enough that the bonus diminished to the point that the loot was not available the next week.

The real core to this however is that this was an action performed by the top 1% of the top 1% of raiders. This is far from the normal actions of the player base. This is also a group of people who put in over 40 hours a week for weeks prior to the raid opening just to have a slightly better chance of being world first. They spent millions of gold buying BoE items. They went on twitter to buy BoEs from people. A number of the BoE’s they purchased were people who got them on their server, server transferred just to sell the item. That is the extent to which guilds like this will go to be the absolute best.

The real story here is that only Limit elected to do this. The other guilds in the world first race didn’t feel the need to faction transfer their toons for this. To them it simply wasn’t worth the effort. It certainly isn’t that they couldn’t afford it. To them the cost was virtually nothing.

This is still amazing read. I was unaware that you could get gear for doing a faction transfer. But it seems like TNT is right, if people are faction changing to get gear, then the developers have noticed an issue with balance and this was just some incentive to those who opt to help in the developers plan. Wonder what the average ilvl for Method is. I know i was astonished by a 406 ilvl I played with today. But I bet he is low.

Heya @wont

From the breakdown over on wowprogress, Method’s average iLvl for active players in their Jaina kill was 406.22, with folks ranging from 402-412. Limit may be a bit higher (~407) at the moment, but the wowprogress listing isn’t complete so it’s tough to know for sure.

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining race. It’s definitely a brave new world when this sort of progress is being live-streamed. Back in my day, we had to wait until it was posted on Wowmovies… :slight_smile:

That 406 druid was joining a RBG team and the leader was like, I know we need a healer but look at his gear score.

Sorry Wont, I don’t get the point you are making. Was the team leader not wanting a druid healer or was amazed at his gear score?

The point I think is that the healer could probably solo everything :smiley:

Oh, did not think about that angle…lol

Funny tho if that was why he was surprised…heheheh

I’ve had similar things in asking for help in my friendslist when I was still playing WoW, and having a friend come in who was easilly 50% (hyperbole, of course) higher ilevel than anyone else in our party.

That was… Fun :smiley:

Although for me as a tank, it was very very hard to keep aggro over his mage.

I don’t even remember exactly where it was. In some raid (LFR I think), but most of our party had dps stats of 10-15K or so, and his was 60K+.

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