MechWarrior Online?

Just looking to see if anyone here plays MechWarrior Online at all. I’ve been playing HBS BattleTech and MechWarrior 5 games for a while now and since my arthritis has been acting up, needed to switch from GW2 to a game I can use a controller on I thought I’d look into this. Just seeing if OTG has a Unit on here or if anyone plays that can give me an idea on how it plays.

I played a long time ago when it first came out. It got pretty competitive and a lot of matches just went south depending on who was on which team. It was usually a blow out one way or the other so I stopped playing but that was years ago. I prefer to play MW5.

Same here. MW5 and Battletech keep me happy. I don’t know if this will appeal to you but if you have a PS or Xbox you might look at World of Warships console version (I forget what the official name is) but you can play against other players or the AI. I still have fun with that one from time to time. There is a PC version but I don’t like their Game Center thing you need to sign up with to play…no need for that on my Playstation. Good luck!

I played back in the early years and was a “Founder”. Played less as they have changed it over the years. The most recent changes have me less interested. I also played HBS Battletech, and love modded MW5. I agree that MWO was a test bed for MW5 and that MW5 gave most more of what we “Founders” were hoping to get way back. Honestly I have so much unused XP/resources in MWO I may never break even. Wish the faction system, and clan war features had worked better. The esports stuff that MWO adopted more is not for me. MWO has done okay, and I do feel I got out most of what I paid in both money and time wise. Not even sure if the OTG still has an active clan or not.

I tried to play some MWO but there’s no good controller setups already listed through Steam and after spending almost 10 full mins trying to setup my own, I gave up.
I’ve been playing MW5 currently and it’s scratching that mech itch right now. With MerchTech and PirateTech just coming out with their unstable versions it’s been really interesting.

Thanks everyone for your insight. It’s greatly appreciated.

Well you got me to start a new campaign in MW5… hehehe, now I am piloting a Victor just like my daddy did!!! I think I have done the campaign 2 or 3 times already but it never hurts to do it all again. Once you get your roster all filled out with Atlai and Stalkeresses, hehehe, I actually prefer the lights and mediums more. I absolutely love that hero Wolverine, brutal burst.