Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

So I looked around and didn’t see any other post.

Did anyone else bite and get the pre-order for it? Its suppose to be released in September sometime. I went back and forth over it since Piranha is still involved with it. But eventually I just got the pre-order with just the game in it. Didn’t do anything with the added content stuff for MWO wonder packages.

I’ve been playing battletech lately and that has given the taste for hopefully a mechwarrior simulator game with a story and not the deathmatches of MWO.


I preordered it. I don’t play MWO and was apprehensive with Piranha at the helm but I have waited so long for a MW title and it does look pretty good. The beta should be in August if I remember right from their website.

I asked for my refund as they decided to go with Epic only, so screw them. I won’t play their game.

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Thanks Brohawk, I had missed that little tidbit happening. I’ve just sent in my own request for a refund. I’ll look at the game again in a year when it comes out of exclusivity. If it survives that long.


Not me on MW5 , but I played a good amount of MWO & BattleTech. :robot: Don’t recall how I ended up with MWO, but a YouTube player named Baradul has tons of good videos on it and also some on BattleTech. I still play both occasionally. Maybe see you all around.