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No further details on timeframe for Alpha and beyond…

Starting to get annoyed with the lack of communication from them about Alpha when we have chipped in a fair piece of change. Zero private communications about it is pretty poor customer service. That doesn’t paint the best picture for support later on when the game is far busier for them.


I agree! Game was supposed to be in Alpha by the end of last year and now it’s anyone’s guess as they give no indication as to when it will start! We can just hope that it will be worth the wait, but don’t see them doing anything that is revolutionary or that hasn’t been done before.


I feel like they’ve been pretty up-front with the fact that they are going to take as much time as is necessary before moving to the next phase of development. As eager as I am to experience Terminus, I want nothing more than to have the MMO I’ve always wanted (and that I think Pantheon will be). If that means some additional development time, then so be it.

Agree that we all want it to be great. At work we have an expression about “sacrifing good in the pursuit of perfection.” My expectations would not be that high in the first days of Alpha so I’d be happy with good or even fair. The only users they will offend by being below fair are we who are gradually growing less patient with waiting, bordering on frustrated.

But mainly I’m bored with so many things that are either new and largely focused on PvP, or years old. I’ve got four new PC’s setup in a space just for them and MMOs. Right now those MMOs are Save The World Fortnite and Roblox LOL.

I want graphics that wow me and the family. My main thing against PvP is me, and that’s the only thing I can’t replace! :^). I tend to get REALLY angry when I get ganked by a kid that has way more time to play it than I do. It would be great to work my way through that type of over-reaction, I’m just not sure how successful I’ll be at doing that.

If anyone can suggest newer MMOs with outstanding graphics and immersive experiences even with some PvP as part of the game’s core design, then I’ll try to de-overreact myself to PvP while we all wait for Pantheon Alpha to let us in!


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I agree with everything you just said. I’ve grown to loathe PvP in MMOs, which is one of the primary reasons I’m excited for Pantheon. Content and collaborative PvE gameplay are the primary focus. I have other games I play to get my PvP fix… games that were designed /gasp exclusively with PvP in mind and don’t require me to farm high-end gear to be able to compete.

And my concern about rushing to advance to alpha is probably unfounded. In traditional development, a move to alpha usually indicates that the framework of the product is complete and only minor features may still be added. In contrast, I’ve come to find game developers get very flexible with this convention and the line between pre-alpha and alpha is more-or-less arbitrary. So there really isn’t anything that says a feature “event horizon” has been reached once we progress to alpha.

Also, I haven’t found a game to tide me over as you suggest while we wait. I’ve played a little City of Heroes here or some P1999 there, but I’m beyond ready for something new and innovative.