May 12-14th Server Slam Weekend

I am sure most have already heard, but just incase you haven’t!

#DiabloIV draws near.

We've heard your feedback, it's time to visit Sanctuary once more before June.

Join the Server Slam, May 12-14 🔥

— Diablo (@Diablo) April 20, 2023



Very excited to head back to Sanctuary!

Deria and I would love to be there and have been invited, but we are heading out of town for Mother’s Day weekend.

I’ll see you all there! I take it that our clan affiliations etc won’t be there? IIRC they said this would be a wipe/fresh start.

Probably not :frowning:

Given in game was pretty quiet during the other betas, as folks seemed to prefer to chat on Discord, I won’t be joining/doing invites for one. It’s just a couple of days.

I figured as much! Still, can’t wait to have an OTG clan once the game launches!

I’m sure we’ll be raring to go once June rolls around!

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Are we going to be doing informal farming for Ashava? Would love to get the Special Shiny Mount. I’ll be on PS5.

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I’m going to give this another try for the server slam weekend since I got an invite and see if maybe it clicks with me this time. Still not happy there is no Monk or Crusader/Paladin at launch so then Barbarian smash time it is again.

I’ve got an invite and have been in. Have seen some of you via Steam friends. Yes, I’ve got the game! See you there! Taff, Taph and Tafph (so far lol)