Mass Effect Andromeda $4 standard / $6 deluxe edition sale

You don’t have to sign up for the Origin monthly service though they hawk it and make it look that way at every opportunity.
Hit the Get the game button then the Buy Now $3.99 button then on the next page select standard edition for $3.99 or deluxe edition for $5.99. You will have to register an EA store account if you don’t already have one and use the Origin client to launch the game.

I picked up the deluxe edition a few weeks ago at $9 and have to admit it’s worth that - so at the current sale price if you’ve ever been a fan of Mass Effect it’s a decent buy despite a few irritating issues that remain.


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Thanks for posting about the sale. I haven’t fired up Origin in a while and see some other tempting sales.

Does the deluxe edition really add anything useful to the single player experience?

The most useful DE items for single player are the Pathfinder weapons and a couple armor sets with bonuses you obtain after getting your ship in the game.

There’s a pet that add’s additional humorous comments from squadmates on the ship when you interact with it. And a couple more casual clothing options and skins for the Nomad ATV.

Thanks! I decided to pick up the deluxe after all. It was only $2 more and I figured I would make use of some of the things anyway :smiley: