Marvel Battle Lines

Next one coming, open for pre-registration.

It’s like a TCG mixed with tic-tac-toe or Connect 4.

Oh man, another Marvel game? I’m getting overloaded…


another one? they are really milking the mobile gaming market

They are trying to make up for no Marvel game on any other platform perhaps? :laughing:

I’ll check it out :slight_smile: I’ve already pre-registered.

As it stands I still think Future Fight is the best marvel mobile game to date. Aside from some of the mobile game gimmicks, it would translate the best to other platforms compared to the rest of the offerings.

Yeah FF is one that doesn’t seem to run well on my Samsung S7. I do have a new iPad but my Switch is for mobile gaming outside my phone. I would probably need to start over anyways, i.e. Android -> iOS.

S7 should run it fine…but you can lower settings in the game to make it run smoother. I know some character effects seem to ‘overload’ my LG G6.

You don’t need to start over, if you can still play on the last device you played it on, just link it to Facebook (normally I avoid facebook) temporarily. Then you can log into it on any device Android or iOS. Once logged resynch to google play or iOS cloud and it is safe to disconnect facebook.

Edit: you can also play in on a PC using Nox or Bluestacks. Which is where I usually run my 2nd FF account :smiley:

Out today. It’s a quirky little card collecting game. A teammate of mine says it gets repetitive though.

Text kind of small on phone for me though.

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Thanks for the heads up!

downloading now to try it out, 727mb update

yukk, uninstalled

Friend Benbrada. Lovely artwork, good story writing, gameplay a bit confusing.

Playing around with it just because of artwork and Marvel story but not my fave genre… pretty exciting visuals for a card game though.

@RanterX I created an OTG guild if someone wants to give it a try. This is on Android.

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Is the OTG guild still active? Just started playing.

Yep. Well it’s just me on Android. Are you on Android or iOS?

The guild is private but I think you can 'apply".

I’m on android, did a search for OTG and nothing came up.

Benbrada sent “Keegan” a friend request.

Don’t see a request. It’s spelled with an E not an A.

Yep “Keegan” Lv7

Nope. LoL Keegen, note the 3rd E.

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