Margo's morning adventures

As I was pulling out groceries from the back of my car this morning, I was visited by our neighbor’s dog. She just loves it when she outsmarts her pet parents and gets to roam free for however long it takes them to finally corral her.

She is a pit mix and extremely loving and happy. I do think she manages these escapades as an end run to boredom and uses it as an excuse to give her pet parents a round of exercise. She was just so playful and happy that I was grinning as I realized our neighbors were on the hunt. So like a good neighbor, I just got out of the way and let the game go on. :joy:

On my second jaunt out to bring in more groceries, Margo decided to escape to the back yard since the door was conveniently open just as she came to the back door. I did not think much of it at first since I thought that Piper was already corralled, but it took only a few moments before both Margo and Piper were playing tag along the fence line. They were having a great time, but it did not last since Piper’s folks decided they really needed to catch her.

They asked if it was ok for Piper to go into our small fenced in area so that they could corral her more easily and without hesitation I picked Margo up and pushed her into the house. I then opened the gate and Piper was ecstatic for a new area to explore…boy did she give them a run for their money in that small enclosure…hehehhe

Two hours later
Shortly after her lunch time I let her out and this time she surprised one of our backyard squirrels. What a round about chase that was until the squirrel finally managed to bounce to the top of the deck railing and over the hedge out of that fenced in enclosure.

But that did not stop the excited Margo from making it a game to see if she could get through those small openings in the fencing to try and close in on that squirrel. So now she associates our small fenced in area for her enjoyment, as place of surprise wonderers to pursue.

Happy as a clam she is now “resting” on the back of our couch by the front window. She looks a bit sleepy, which after all that excitement I am not surprised.


And to think my most recent dog adventures was my three dogs discovering the apparently last skunk to go into hibernation and all three of them got nailed. That happened around 9pm last Sunday, don’t think I got to be until around 3am.