Margo treed a possum

Well this evening we had quite a bit of excitement…or rather Margo got really excited. I let her out to the back yard for her last “outing” before we went to bed tonight. Immediately, she went into over drive mode and flew across the back of the yard toward a possum that was invading her territory.

The poor thing was so startled to have been caught out in the open that it froze for a few seconds then fled to the chain link fence and climbed up the small sapling in our neighbor’s yard. Fortunately, the wayward possum was able to retreat without damage…but it was not happy. Margo, on the other hand, was so excited that she thought she could climb the fence too only to find out her feet are not designed for that kind of climbing and the possum was already 12’ up the sapling and definitely not interested in coming down for another go around.

Needless to say Margo was so excited she totally forgot why she wanted out before we retired…so I had to put her harness on her and walk her up the road to remind her there was another task she had to complete before bed…took her about 10 minutes before she accomplished that task.

Fun times…now we know that it won’t matter what ambles into our back yard, Margo the Mighty will come to the rescue if she is loose. Thank goodness we had our temporary guard fence up and finished for her, or I do believe she would have chased the possum out the big hole at the bottom of the fence, at our back property line, and would have happily pursued our errant trespasser through all that brush beyond.