Maps and Roulette

Anyone looking for company while doing their daily roulettes? I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a map group once a week?


my time is limited

Monday/Tuesday morning before reset i run expert a bunch and get tomes out of way. (insomnia)
Tuesdays to Thursdays @ 9:30pm ET i’m doing raid at that time.
Fridays to Sundays are my free days, I am usually working or dealing with real world. If I can make times for events during that time frame I’m happy to help out.

Have you joined the OTG FC yet, @Law? The best place to ask is usually in FC chat when you are logged in. There is also another Discord server that OTG members belong to, and many events are planned ahead there.

Hi Rosy,

Yes I have joined the FC. I’m not able to join discord with my work computer, so I’ll try logging in from home. I often see and do a shout out for groups in FC chat, but was just looking to see if anyone wanted to do roulettes on a weekly basis, they get boring with pick-up groups. Thanks for the feed back and i’ll keep an eye out on discord once I get it up and running.


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Thanks Zeph. I’ll keep an eye out for you and maybe jump in a run with you, if that’s ok.