Making Vanduul Swarm Videos

So I’m trying my hand at making some Vanduul Swarm videos. I’m playing solo and not using missiles. I don’t have any talking in there yet, but if people want to start joining me on discord we can get come chatting in. I’m working through a bunch of the starter package ships first.

Let me know if anyone has ship recommendations to use or gun choices. I usually monoboat laser repeaters, but I’ve done a few others.

Mustang Alpha

Aurora MR

C8X Pisces

M50 (Still one of my favorite ships)



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Cool stuff.
If you are modifying the ships beyond just weapon choice, then I recommend using erkul to spec out some builds.
But rule of thumb is military class A shields and coolers, industrial class A power and repeaters for anything S1 to S3, use the C-788 when you can

I don’t know if I’m using the optimal level of stuff. I haven’t rented or purchased any specific components, I’m just bouncing around things I got from default ship loadouts.

Coolers: Polar, Military B
Power Plant: JS-300, Military A
Shield: AllStop, Military C

For guns I’ve been using Bulldog/Badger/Panther.
I have tried the Yellowjacket/Scorpion/Mantis ballistics. They are pretty nice too.
I need to try the Havoc/Hellion/Predator scatterguns.
I have not recorded anything with a size 4 slot yet so no C-788, but the system says I own enough to play around with.

Guess I need to fix those shields. hah.

solid set up