MAJOR Computer Problems. Please help!


My Windows 10 desktop is having a meltdown. Went to play Crackdown 3 with my son (it’s not great but the co-op is fun) and it went to check for updates, failed, and quit.

I thought maybe there was an update so went to the Microsoft Store and clicked Download Updates. It just sat there and never found anything. No message just stopped.

Tried Windows Update and it crapped out. Could not connect.

Started wondering about viruses/malware. Went to Windows Security and nothing is working and can’t run Defender…

Installed Kapersky and Panda and doing scans but nothing found.

Not sure what the issue is though a virus seems likely but no luck finding it.

I can connect to the internet otherwise (or I wouldn’t be able to post this) both through browsers and other apps (just downloaded Division 2) but not sure how to fix this problem.


Full scan with Panda crapped out at 5%. Trying Kaspersky.

Run a MalwareBytes scan, too… just in case. :smiley:


take a look at www Major Geeks (dot) com. Some programs are free ware , share ware , or purchase.

I once had a virus that would re-birth itself upon startup including right after deleting (virus scanner) and immediately going into a safe mode reboot.

eventually one of the virus / malware programs I found (for free use) finally killed that … thing … and all turned out well.

another time I had to reformat my Harddrive , reinstall windows 7 , re-enter my Windows 7 authorization,

been using Major Geeks (dot) com for over 10 years now pulling my butt outta a fire.

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Also don’t forget to check your event viewer. It could be a hardware issue as well that crops up randomly.

The event viewer should at least show you a lot of ERROR if that’s the case.

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We used to use a standalone program that was bootable from a usb drive for machines that wouldn’t start up without reinfecting themselves. Isn’t a full blown antivirus but kills the recent most annoying ones and lets you load up your os and normal AV suit. Its a free download

Just download a new version every month or two its tiny

Good luck with that one :smiley: That’s a pretty crappy virus that lets Windows repair itself without finding a nice little spot to call home from and reinstall itself

Yeah I gave up and did a reinstall. I just have Windows and some basic apps on the C drive anyway and my game libraries and work stuff on D so just easier.