Mage Tower is back

It is harder IMHO. Like bad bad… Dont think I will try to complete it cause it just frustrates me. Anyone else having any luck?

I remember different players writing about their strategies, probably in Wowhead comments section.

It was clearly, like all things, easy for certain classes/specs and impossible for others. I’m not that great of a player, but didn’t do all that bad on a Holy Priest. I did better on Ret paly, and even better on Feral kitty. I didn’t finish it.

I read that Hunters and Rogues could go in with their eyes shut and one arm tied behind their back and do it without breathing. :wink:

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It is overtuned for sure.

I am going to give it a few days and see if they roll out any hotfixes for it. Its up for 2 weeks, so maybe after the weekend they will adjust it since not many are having any luck with it.

But after 2 weeks it goes away for what 5 months or something?

I haven’t even tried. But thanks for the info about Ret pally. :grin:

I got my hat handed to me today…hopefully they make some adjustments quick

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