Mac OS 11 and Logitech G13 fix

I am probably the only one. But if you play games on your Mac under OS 11 I have found a way to do so using a G13.
I’ve used my G13 for years and when it did not work on my Mac I was quite unhappy.

So the secret lies in an App Store program called Extra Keys. It gives you functionality but does not have a GUI for setup. If you need to use the program and can’t figure out how to get it working I can provide limited/unprofessional help.

What type of Mac are you on?

I have a 2015 MacBook Pro. Just finally upgraded the OS to the latest but also have a Boot Camp Win 10 partition for games not on Mac… though with my Win 10 desktop and Steam/Parsec streaming (and GeForce Now) it’s kind of irrelevant as I play most of my games that way now when not at the desktop…

I am on a Mac mini with M1 processor. Had changed to PCs a few years ago but wanted to get back to Mac OS. The fact my laptop died and my desktop is too old to run the new windows helped me to decide.

Am testing the mini since its the least expensive way to checkout the new M1 Macs. So far I am very impressed with how it is running FFXIV. Was just missing my G13 that I have used for about 10 years. Then I found this app and am happily using my G13 again. Just now having to learn some XML to mod the support files for the G13.

How is stream working for you? Not sure if it is stable yet for the M1.

I mean my laptop is older and I don’t have a top of the line desktop either. My work computer is even older and on Win 7. I can stream fine while on the other side of the apartment, at work, or in the car while wife runs errands.

Actually I was on the shore without the greatest internet connection last weekend and streaming to my laptop still worked fine.

New World, Fallout 76, Genshin Impact, others all work great. I’m not a big FPS gamer so no idea how well it works for those kind of games.