M+ dungeons got buffed (6/1/2022) PLUS: Encounter adjustments (6/8/2022)

Why on earth did Bliz do this near the end of the current xpac? Makes no sense to make them harder now. It gimps groups new to doing M+ dungeons when prior to this everyone else did not have the same problem. I feel if Bliz had done this at the beginning of the season, it would have made more sense, because then everyone would have faced the same situation.

As noted elsewhere on Bliz’s forums:

Yeah there are two major problems with these changes:

  1. They are undocumented
  2. They changed some things to potential 1 shots. An example of this are the slimes that you can step on during Dr Ickus boss fight in PF

So what’s the expectation here by Blizzard? If the hunter in my group goes to step on the slime, as they likely always do on this fight just to be helpful, and they die - what was the solution there?

Oh, sorry - they should have read the undocumented patch notes before doing a key? What the hell?



Someone just fixed a bug and didn’t realize how bad the scaled up spells were going to affect the players.

I know they already sent in nerfs to Halls, as the other issues are found, i will bet they fix those as well.

Yea, don’t step on the slimes unless you can turtle, shield, or tank it. It will hurt a smidgeon.

Juaq went from full health to almost dead in 3 seconds

Painful lessons to learn on the fly


I posted that info in Discord too…so it will be available for those who don’t come to the forums.

I know they nerfed the raid bosses but it seems counterintuitive for them to do them but over do the M+ mobs/bosses in the process. Does not make any sense.


  • Halls of Atonement

    • High Adjudicator Aleez
      • Pulse from Beyond damage reduced by 66%.
  • Theater of Pain

    • Mordretha
      • Deathwalker Health reduced by 60%.

      • Death Bolt damage reduced by 40%.

      • Death Bolt cast time increased to 3 seconds (was 2 seconds).

      • Fixed an issue where Deathwalkers were treated as players for the purpose of crowd control duration.

  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder

    • Zo’phex
      • Health reduced by 5%.

      • Security Measure damage reduced by 66%.

      • Armed Security damage reduced by 60%.

Oh are these what the rolling restarts are for? I just tried to get back in and ALL servers were unavailable according to the game screen after launcher…

Eventually I would like to be able to experience Tazavesh. Maybe after Dragonflight launches …hmmm

Thanks for the updates on the HotFixes. Tonight is our Mythic+ night, so we wouldn’t want any surprises! :crazy_face: